Inaugural issue: Coherence – Dedication – Foreword (A Disclaimer) – Returning – Our Hero – Signs – Wonders – Flora – A Parade – Glory – Women – Stations – and another brief introduction


First, let me apologize for my name appearing twice at the top of the post; it should only happen every couple years or so. My plan is to release a new installment of Notes on the first Tuesday of every month (except for December), which should see the initial volume fully published in three years (it is already complete—the second volume is currently underway). The first selection is, and the second will be, a little bit longer than average; the two after that somewhat shorter. However, starting with the third issue (August 2016), each few chapters will also be supplemented by a separate short story.

I know this is still not a huge quantity of pages per issue, but aside from my unwillingness to commit to a schedule that could interfere with the quality of the work, or that might prove otherwise unsustainable, I would also like to push back a little against the hectic pace of online consumption over all—I have a lot of hypocritical opinions about the Internet, as I do about all things.

In any case, the schedule I’ve set is a far better reflection of the slowness of my own mind.

* While the bulk of work presented here is fiction (primarily satire, often parody—much of this, by the way, is covered here), in the future I’d like to use this space to discuss some of its topics further, to maybe talk about the state of culture more broadly, and to focus on the work of other artists and critics who are doing that kind of thing so much better. Meanwhile, you can follow me on Twitter or feel free to contact thedreadfulpoint@gmail.com with any other suggestions.