Distance – Sound and Vision – Assessment – Diversion – Landing – Fullness – Variations on a Theme – Recognition – and Judging, a story, Part One of Five (The following is a work of satire. The people and events depicted, including those based on real people and events, are all entirely fictional.)


As I’ve said before, what’s featured in this space is work I not only enjoy and admire, but often that which I hope to emulate in some way, whether in writing or publishing. Sometimes it’s about a subject or form I would like to explore; sometimes it’s a piece that’s helped me to understand something I’m working on. Much of this project concerns the nature of influence and interpretation. With that in mind, the log sections from Issues 13 and 15 should offer some context for the past few stories.

*Last time I mentioned Cathy Ulrich, I didn’t realize all her stories could be found here, in the right hand column. This Love Will Destroy You and When the Children Return are two of the latest.

*This new book by Elytron Frass sounds pretty fascinating.

*Germán Sierra has a new short piece.

*Tomoé Hill offers another excerpt from her memoir.

*John Trefry gives us a glimpse into a work in progress.

*Sarah Blake interviews JoAnna Novak about her new book-length poem, Noirmania.

*Jacob Siefring interviews B.R. Yeager about the latter’s Amygdalatropolis, “perhaps the great internet novel of our time.”

*Monet Thomas (some of whose work I’ve linked to before) now interviews other writers for The Rumpus, most recently Kim Fu. She also has a new essay about her stay in China for those who miss her old TinyLetter. Her new TinyLetter is here.

*Joe Schreiber visited Seagull Books and School of Publishing in India.

*Philosopher and translator Frank Garrett has a new TinyLetter of his own.

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