Seeds – An Outfit – The Interior – Questioning – Stones – Concentration – and Judging, a story, Part Two of Five (The following is a work of satire. The people and events depicted, including those based on real people and events, are all entirely fictional.)


A lot my work is about how we engage with and process the art and media, the ideas that surround us, that form and inform so much of our daily lives; and for me, personally, that has always involved play. Writer and artist C.B. Auder tackles all this using a much more novel method.

*In this essay, Osvaldo Oyola describes some of what I love most about reading comics, and some of the effect I’m trying to to recreate with this site.

*I only recently discovered King-Cat, but I’m inspired by everything about it, even the spiritual practice of its creator, John Porcellino. There’s a new collection just out now.

*Probably my single greatest literary influence has been Jorge Luis Borges. Jonathan Basile’s newly released Tar for Mortar examines a particular obsession, a compulsion, that Borges and so many of his admirers seem to share. More of Basile’s work on The Library of Babel can be found here.

*Publisher Dostoyevsky Wannabe, in addition to their recent Liberating the Canon, a collection of avant-garde pieces centering the LGBTQ community and their allies, will also be putting out an anthology in conjunction with Queen Mob’s Tea House, and a new book of poetry by Judson Hamilton.

*I missed this incredible story by Lara Alonso Corona, and there’s no excuse for it.

*Everything at RIC Journal lately has been amazing.

*And finally, in light of the 15 year anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, and of the appointment of a chief architect of that crime to one of the most powerful and unaccountable positions in the federal government, please take a look at Fellow Travelers, a new blog focusing on foreign policy issues from the left.

Next issue: May 1st