Diversion – Leads – A Hunch – Entanglement – Importing, Exporting – Beasts – and Judging, a story, Part Three of Five (The following is a work of satire. The people and events depicted, including those based on real people and events, are all entirely fictional.)


I’ve been thinking a lot about early comic and adventure strips lately: their evolution from political cartoons, their development through the muckraking era and the Great Depression, and their relationship with newspapers and with the news in general. During the Reagan years, in the midst of the AIDS crisis and the Iran-Contra affair, Alison Bechdel took full advantage of the medium’s potential to create her groundbreaking alternative soap-opera, Dykes to Watch Out For; Lauren Weinstein continued and expanded on that tradition in the pages of the Village Voice with her serial memoir, Normel Person. It started just before the 2016 election (while the artist was pregnant with her daughter), and was recently cancelled when the Voice stopped running in print, but most of the strip is still available here as a mini-comic.

*gg, another artist whose work I admire, has an interview at The Comics Journal.

*I also keep being reminded of this interview of Terry Eagleton from a few years ago.

*Joe Schreiber interviewed Naveen Kishore of Kolkata’s Seagull Books for 3:AM Magazine.

*As guest editor for Burning House Press, C.C. O’Hanlon interviewed Fernando Sdrigotti, founder of Minor Literature[s], and published this essay by its experimental prose editor, Yanina Spizzirri. He published new stuff by perenial favorites Cathy Ulrich and John Trefry, as well.

*Germán Sierra has a new excerpt from his highly anticipated upcoming book, The Artifact.

*I was excited to find out he’ll be joining more favorites like Rachael de Moravia, Florence Lenaers, and others in a new anthology from ZENOPRESS later this year.

*All of Judging so far is available here.

Next issue: June 5th

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