Halcyon – Visiting – Oceangoing – Preservation – Linearity – Islands – One More – and Life and Opinions, a story (The following is a work of satire. The people and events depicted, including those based on real people and events, are all entirely fictional.)


Most of my own reading this summer was done at Burning House Press, where an astounding variety of consistently amazing work appeared according to monthly-changing themes chosen by guest editors James Pate, Lara Alonso Corona, and John Trefry.

*I also really like this piece by Dan Hogan, which I think would have fit in nicely among the August selections of the above.

*Louis Armand has a longer-form, multi-part experiment at Minor Literature[s].

*Arielle Tippa recently published Occulum No.8.

*Joshua Rothes has begun a new print project, which I both envy and admire in every possible way.

*Last month I briefly mentioned the news site Popula. In light of the closing of the Village Voice (whose very last story was Talia Lavin’s report on the largely ignored national prison strike) and so many other alt-weeklies and local papers, to say nothing of the inability—or more likely unwillingness—of corporate journalism to even acknowledge, much less confront the crisis at hand, it’s become increasingly important to seek out and support cooperative, worker-owned-and-run media outlets. Of course, this is equally true of all forms of publishing, and while The Dreadful Point is not a collective enterprise, your support is always welcome.

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