A Strand – Salvage – Ways, Up and Down – New Cities – Golden Land – Twins – and The Hole in the Middle, a story  (The following is a work of satire. The people and events depicted, including those based on real people and events, are all entirely fictional.)


The rest of Theophiles can be read here, the Notes for a Mythology here.

*This fascinating new series of interviews with anonymous authors by Cergat Boş and Elytron Frass immediately reminded me of Frass’ earlier story, Pseudonym as Doppelganger.

*Also at X-R-A-Y is this recent story by Mike Corrao, whose new book is out at the end of the month.

*Rachael de Moravia continues the streak at Burning House Press with selections like this from Christina Tudor-Sideri.

*Daniela Cascela’s newest essay recalls her earlier conversation with Tristan Foster.

*Helen McClory’s latest piece of fiction is about an apocalyptic plague.

*Another book by Judson Hamilton will be out soon.

*You can order the long-awaited first novel in English by Germán Sierra now.

*In the midst of this horrifying news cycle, I’ve had to remind myself constantly that progress in the United States has always been made in spite of the court, not by it; that, to paraphrase Jedediah Purdy, there is no legal shortcut to building a progressive politics, and nothing aside from political will to legitimize it; and that whatever happens on November 6th, we will have to continue fighting on the 7th.

Perhaps not too curiously, I have also found refuge during these past few weeks in the homeopathic comforts of the horror genre itself. Hopefully this presentation by Sean T. Collins will disturb you into peace or bring you some inspiration. Happy Halloween.

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