Cultural Centers – Leaving – Spiraling – Hanging – Exploration – Delivery – Seeing – and Idyll, a story, Part Two of Five (The following is a work of satire. The people and events depicted, including those based on real people and events, are all entirely fictional.)


Read the first installment of Idyll here.

*I’ve always thought of art as a form of shamanism (the twin careers of William Carlos Williams are a source of constant fascination in this regard: the second part of Hanging, above, was inspired by a poem he gifted the parents of a young patient given a particularly bleak diagnosis—a diagnosis that much later proved to be incorrect—while Paterson was a major influence on Coherence as a whole, one of the few good examples of the nameless genre it parodies), and this recent article describes, to my mind (though I’m not terribly moved by the computational element), at least one of the ideal roles of the artist in society. Nick Cave, in sharing his and his wife’s grieving process with a fan, touches on another aspect of that likeness.

*Christina Tudor-Sideri further connects these to two other subjects with which I’m often preoccupied: memory and time.

*Monet Thomas writes about the late Mary Oliver.

*Rachael de Moravia offers her own short story canon.

*Javier Padilla reviews The Artifact, by Germán Sierra.

*Mike Corrao reviews John Trefry’s Apparitions of the Living.

*Matthew Turner explores the work of Alain Robbe-Grillet.

*Joshua Rothes has devised a new text-editing app as well as his own text-making strategies.

*Neutral Spaces provides a no-cost, ad-free site for writers to link to their work.

*Derelict is rescuing pieces that had disappeared along with the now defunct online journals in which they were originally published.

*S Cearley compiles all their concrete poetry in quarterly reviews available here.

*Also, I just think this is neat.

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