Specters, a story – with readings on memory, history, and continuity (The following is a work of satire. The people and events depicted, including those based on real people and events, are all entirely fictional.)


See the rest in the series here. Also, another reminder: the first volume of Notes for a Mythology, the main feature for which this site was originally conceived, was completed in August and can be read here in its entirety. The second volume will begin in 2020.

*Tomoé Hill has three new pieces—here, here, and here—all adapted from a longer memoir I look forward to reading in full.

*John Trefry has an excerpt from an upcoming novel here.

*Mónica Belevan offers a glimpse of future projects here.

Any of them, depending on your cast of mind, can be considered a kind of ghost story. Shana Tova and Happy Halloween.

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