Infinite Games, a story – with readings on otherworldly intelligence (The following is a work of satire. The people and events depicted, including those based on real people and events, are all entirely fictional.)


You can read the rest of the series here. Diana Pasulka’s recent book, American Cosmic, treats a lot of the same subject matter in a similar vein, or rather approaches it from a similar position (as evidenced by the horrible pun in the series’ title). It contains some fascinating observations, but I admit I was hoping for more in the way of old super market tabloid-style anecdotes to mine, and it lacks the kind of political insight provided by both Anna Merlan and A.M. Gittlitz. I first heard of it in this review by Edmund Berger, which I’ve returned to for ideas and inspiration many times since.

*This one sounds good too.

*Big Echo looks for all the right things in science fiction.

*upfromsumdirt has a long poem of time and space travel out from Radical Paper Press.

*Lara Alonso Corona has a love story in All Worlds Wayfarer.

*Jessica Sequeira has a new book coming from Sublunary Editions.

*Christina Tudor-Sideri has a new essay in Reliquiae.

*Cathy Ulrich’s short story collection is finally available.

*So is Hugh Fulham-McQuillan’s.

*Just before this post was completed, I learned of the death of Tom Spurgeon. His site, The Comics Reporter, was an enormous influence on this one. Discovering it was a profound turning point for me when so much contemporary fiction seemed lifeless and stale: it led me to the small press world through indie comics, and helped me to understand much better what I wanted from art in all its forms. Thank you, Tom.

*This winter will (hopefully) see the release of the second volume of Notes for a Mythology, the main feature for which The Dreadful Point was originally conceived. Read the first volume here in the meantime.

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