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For the first time in years I read something in the New Yorker worth sharing, a brief introduction to the prison abolition movement by two writers I deeply admire; but because that magazine sucks so bad, its workers may soon be forced to strike. In solidarity, here are the New Yorker Union’s demands. I’ll leave here too, in place of the article I had originally intended to post, and so as not to have you inadvertently cross a picket line, a link to Mariame Kaba’s new book, We Do This ‘Til We Free Us.

*Also, you might be hard-pressed to discover the fact, but miners in Alabama have been on strike for more than two months now.

*I’ve always been fascinated by the history of newspaper comics: specifically, I suppose, by their relationship or in some cases mere proximity to the news. At Solrad, F Stewart-Taylor examines the recent appreciation for Peter Gallagher’s surreal Heathcliff strip in the context of the even more bizarre world of syndication comics.

*I only signed up for and then donated a copy of the first Goes because I wanted to support their publishing model, but the book itself turned out to be really amazing, and you should try to get one if you can.

*Good dude Alan Good of Death of Print, Malarkey Books, and King Ludd’s Rag is giving away copies of both his upcoming collections.

*In addition to the new titles they have scheduled, and to the most recent issue of Firmament, Sublunary Editions has also begun an imprint focused on older, harder to find, or out of print works, the Empyrean Series.

*I’ve been trying to establish a more organic or at least somewhat less hectic writing routine, so far with very limited success. My current ideal is to release around four to six issues of The Dreadful Point a year, but, even so, the “Next issue:” featured at the bottom of each should be taken as more of a cheerful hope than a deadline. Bearing that in mind, 

Next issue: August 2021