I am increasingly convinced the universe should be explored as an associative information structure, not as a physical continuum.

Jacques Vallée, Forbidden Science III

Pure Landfrom Issues No.7 and 8, published January to February 2017

Conclusion, from Issue No.16, published November 2017

The Sensible Thing, from Issue No.17, published January 2018

The Hole in the Middle, from Issue No.25, published October 2018

Good Hunting, from Issue No.33, published September 2019

Specters, from Issue No.34, published October 2019

Infinite Games, from Issue No.35, published November 2019

Total Return, from Issue No.45, published October 2021

Watching, from Issue No.46, published January 2022

Failure Analysis, Part One of Two, from Issue No.47, published May 2022